In eighth grade I took a shop class that changed my life. In addition to a plastic candle holder and a pig-shaped cutting board, I made a miniature grandfather clock. I learned not only how to use some awesome tools and mitering joints, I learned that the smell of cut pine means you are turning a tree into something. Something you made. Something that makes other people say “nice job” and “I wish I could do that”.

I pestered Mr. Johnson to give me an A+ on that clock project. I challenged him to find a flaw. He found none, and I received the grade I requested. Looking at that clock now I see plenty of errors, but I like to think that Mr. Johnson knew he was dealing with someone who was really enjoying the process.

Now, while working on various woodworking projects I realized I might become a better craftsman if I examined various techniques and how I could perform them more efficiently and safely. If I had to explain the process, that would force me to examine each step of that process. I also am always on the lookout for interesting furniture designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and perfectly functional.

Thanks to Mr. Johnson for that A+ and thank you for stopping by.

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