Wooden Folding Chairs

Anyone who has ever helped set-up or clean-up an event in a church basement or school gymnasium knows the problem. Wooden folding chairs are often bulky, heavy and difficult to stack and store properly. Here are some typical examples and a new idea.

Sears Item# 00869907000

This design has a vintage look, but is unfriendly to backs that have to sit in it or fingers that have to fold it. (Sears Item# 00869907000)


This chair tries to emulate a popular style, but the steel hinges ruin it. (Wal-Mart SKM1009)

Central Model#:  929-001

Now we’re getting somewhere. Looks good and possibly comfortable and not obvious that it folds.Central Restaurant Products Model#: 929-001

This chair by Ufuk Keskin is a fresh direction. At only 3/4″ thick it is cut from a single piece of plywood. Definitely wins in the folding department, but I’d be leery about spending an hour in one during the next children’s pageant.

Christian Desile’s design

also allows for ultra-flat storage.


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